Outreach Ministries


Our Purpose

  1. To be an extension of God's love and mercy to Atlantic County and the ends of the earth through the power of Jesus Christ.

  2. To preach the word of God everywhere he sends us.


Our Mission:

  1. To feed those in need

  2. to serve those who God sends

  3. To provide basic provisions to those in need 

  4. To pray and minister to those who God puts in our care

  5. To win the lost through evangelism

  6. To heal the sick


Our Goals:

  1. To advance the Kingdom of God

  2. To save the lost (salvation)

  3. To offer mercy, hope, and comfort

  4. To proclaim Jesus Christ in Atlantic City and the surrounding areas


Our Purpose

Every year hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted. We believe that every child deserves a chance. We stand for those that have no voice.


What do we do?

Every 2nd Tuesday we gather for prayer at Main Campus. We also go out to local abortion centers and show love to those who are considering abortions. Every year we participate in the March for Life in Washington DC. 



Ethel Hermenau

Project Director
South Jersey Outreach
171 Clifton Avenue
Newark, NJ  07104
(609) 992-9395

Christ Cares Ministry


Our Purpose

That no child goes to bed hungry

What do we do?

We collect food and deliver it to outreaches who care for the poor in the Appalachia mountains.

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How to get Involved

Contact RMStone1@live.com