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Corporate Fast Dates
Monday - Wednesday leading up to the first Wednesday of the month.

Jan 30 - Feb 1

Feb 27 - March 1

April 3 - 5

May 1 - 3

June 5 - 7

July 3 - 5

July 31 - August 2

Sept 4 - 6

Oct 2 - 4

Oct 30 - Nov 1

Dec 4 - 6


Why Are We Doing this Fast?
For clarity of focus, surety of direction, and depth of intimacy with God. During this time of fasting we are expecting God to move powerfully and invite you to join us!
What Should I Fast?
The church is doing a 6am - 6pm water only fast. We understand that there are dietary restrictions and limitations and therefore we encourage you to make the fast your own and choose what type of fast you are doing. 
Any Recommendations While Fasting?
- Remember the reason for the fast. If you give up food without replacing the time with seeking God then you are merely dieting. Remember that this is a time to seek God and make this priority above all. 
- Give up more than just food. Fast tv and spend the time in the bible. Fast internet and pray instead. Sometimes fasting time spent elsewhere can be more effective than food.
- Determine what you are fasting before you start. Make your goals, limits, and what you are doing plain to see. Write them down and review them in a few months so you can witness what God did.
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